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Multi-step biocatalytic depolymerization of lignin

PI: Elena Rosini and Loredano Pollegioni


Elisa Vignali, Filippo Molinari




CIB (Miur 2018 project)



Claudia CRESTINI, Università Ca’ Foscari, Venezia, IT

Lignin is the second most abundant natural substance on the Earth after cellulose, and only a very small part of it is used for the production of value-added products. The enzymatic hydrolysis could represent an environmentally friendly alternative to physical and chemical methods for lignin valorization.

An “Enzymatic toolbox” is available in our laboratory:


An optimized miniaturised screening method combined with the fractionation of lignin samples (for the obtainment of a more homogeneous starting material) allow a deep investigation on the applications of these enzymes on the degradation of technical lignins. The effect of different enzymes on the monomer release and polymer distribution and modification are assessed by GPC and GC-MS analyses.

The enzymatic degradation of lignin will allow to use the ensuing products as substrates in synthetic chemistry and in generation of novel products (plastics, resins, tissues).

lignin degradation.png
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