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ProPla – Proteins from Plastics
Fundings: Cariplo Foundation – Bando 2022 “Economia Circolare: Promuovere ricerca per un futuro sostenibile”

ProPla Events

On February 14th 2024 the Università degli Studi dell'Insubria hosted the annual meeting of the ProPla project, which aims to develop an innovative #biotechnological application for the removal of microplastics isolated from water depuration plants and their sustainable valorisation. During the meeting, the project partners had the opportunity to discuss the activities carried out during this first year, share ideas and plan upcoming activities.

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The ProPla project was present at the 1st International Conference on Circularity, Sustainability and Resilience in Water, Wastewater and Sludge Management CSRW24 to coordinate a session dedicated to emerging pollutants. In particular, the topics covered were the presence of microplastics in wastewater treatment plants and their release from synthetic clothes, and advancing biological processing for valorization of plastic wastes.

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The young people involved in the ProPla project had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of plastic production through a guided tour at the Plastipak company in Pallanza.
Plastipak is a world leader in innovation and sustainability in the plastic packaging industry and the visit provided an incredible perspective on how technology and environmental commitment come together in the production of new solutions.
This event contributes to one of the goals of the ProPla project, which is to promote the involvement of young people in a research topic of great social relevance, offering the opportunity to improve knowledge on specific issues and identify new potential applications. 

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ProPla was present during the "Sustainable Polymers Value Chains" workshop which was held during the Ecomondo fair on November 9th 2023 in Rimini. The workshop was organized in the context of the European
REPurpose project.


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